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How to make the laser cutting machine have a good cutting state?
所属分类:Company news发表时间:2021-06-25

How to make the laser cutting machine have a good cutting state?

Although the working efficiency of laser cutting machine has been recognized by everyone, we hope that the cutting speed of laser cutting machine will be faster and the cutting effect will be better when we use it. But how can we get the effect we want? Now let's let Kunshan Joule laser tell you.

People have a good body and a good spirit to work. Machine is the same, there is a good state, can run smoothly. This requires our daily maintenance.

1、 Adjust the parameters of laser cutting machine and maintain the cutting speed.

The machine parameter setting is one of the main reasons that affect the cutting speed of laser cutting machine. In general, if the parameters are not adjusted well, its cutting speed is not good. Parameters are like a series of related actions such as driving, starting, accelerating and so on. If the parameters are not set properly, it is the same as when the car is starting and you go to the second gear to start. As a result, it will shake when starting. Therefore, when adjusting this parameter, we should pay attention to the following two aspects:

1. Initial speed: as the name suggests, this setting is the starting speed of the machine, just like the starting speed of the car in the process of driving. Many customers have such a misunderstanding that the greater the initial speed, the better. But in fact, this is wrong. If the initial speed of the laser machine is set too high, the machine will shake greatly.

2. Acceleration: acceleration means the speed of the filling door in the process of driving. It is the time from the initial speed to the normal cutting of the machine. Laser cutting machine is a process of starting and stopping when cutting different patterns. If the acceleration is set too low, the cutting speed will slow down.

2、 Adjust the machine assembly, so that the laser cutting machine cutting fast, accurate, stable, beautiful.

1. Guide rail installation: guide rail installation should be parallel. If the installation is not parallel, the machine will have resistance when running, and it will be stuck when walking, and there will be sawtooth when cutting by laser cutting machine. Therefore, the installation of two guide rails in Y direction should be two parallel lines, and there should be no error between them.

Guide rail of laser cutting machine

2. The installation position of cross beam and coupling is not good. When the machine crossbeam and coupling are installed, the screw is not locked, or the lock is inclined, etc., it will happen.

Therefore, in our daily use process, reasonable maintenance of the laser cutting machine, in order to achieve the ideal cutting state.

If you follow the above method in your daily life, you can make the working effect of fiber laser cutting machine reach your ideal state. I hope it will be helpful to you.