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Sales service

Joy service

I. pre-sales service commitment

1. Provide professional consultation. Respond to your technical questions within 2 hours.
2. Provide detailed information. Send out the technical documents you need within 4 hours, and try to receive them within 2 days.
3. Provide reasonable quotation. We can offer you reasonable price within 2 hours.

4. Provide inspection reception. Welcome your visit at any time, and try our best to provide all kinds of convenient services for your visit.

II. Service commitment

1. Sign contracts and technical agreements with you fairly and fairly.

2. Consciously abide by the provisions of contract law to ensure the smooth performance of contracts and technical agreements

3. We will try our best to provide you with quality products on time and in quantity, and adopt the optimal mode of transportation to ensure that the goods you receive are in good condition.

4. Actively communicate with users, respect user arrangements, and provide considerate technical support to users.

5. Regardless of the size of the contract, all customers are treated equally in terms of price and service.

III.Service commitment

1. Establish customer files, and provide relevant technical training and technical data according to customer requirements.
2. If there is any quality problem with the product, one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance will be provided.Where there is a contract, the contract shall prevail.

3. We promise to conduct telephone instruction within 15 minutes, and you can troubleshoot the simple faults of the equipment by yourself. If the fault cannot be eliminated by ourselves, we will negotiate with the customer amicably. In principle, our after-sales engineers will arrive at the site of equipment use within 24 hours and carry out on-site rush repair.